Karmic Release Repatterning


The Karmic Release Repatterning is designed to help you release numerous constricting solemn vows made during lifetimes spent in sacred service. Once these vows are released, you’re free to be yourself, to live with integrity, success, and fulfillment in this lifetime.


A diverse team of healing practitioners has created this dynamic session to specifically address the release of karmic imprints, vows, and contracts made in previous incarnations. Solemn Vows are a spiritual consecration or dedication of service in which one is irrevocably set apart through a state of absolute surrender of self to a higher authority. All rights to ownership of goods or property are relinquished. For many people, this commitment was taken to heart in their previous incarnations at a deep and irreversible level, Until NOW…….

This session is highly recommended for Entrepreneurs, Healers, Therapists, and all who work IN SERVICE to others. Receiving this session creates an opportunity for you to release unwanted vows (especially the vow of poverty), and to affirm a new, more meaningful way of BEING in your life and your profession. Some old Karmic experiences can be fruitful and beneficial, but others may be quite detrimental, and even be the underlying cause of your inability to prosper in the world today, to be seen and heard, to find or to be a wonderful mate and partner, or to feel safe and powerful outside an institutionalized work environment. These old spiritual vows can become reactivated as our consciousness evolves and we awaken. Clearing these old patterns, vows, and ties from your system allows you to be more effective in your present day life and work.

When receiving this session, you are guided through the awareness and release of these old vows, and assisted in replacing these outdated influences with positive beliefs and proactive attitudes using the process of Resonance Repatterning®. This session is ideal for people who are drawn to work that is in service to others, but who experience difficulty serving themselves and their own needs. You are saying YES!, you are practicing badassery, you are daring greatly and embracing big magic and STILL it’s just not coming together. You’re feeling stuck, thwarted, frustrated and probably pretty tired. Chances are there’s a karmic pattern sitting underneath all your effort and good work, blocking you from the transformation you so deeply desire.

The session lasts approximately 2 hours.


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