Resonance Repatterning


Pinpoint & Transform

Resonance Repatterning works like a laser to pinpoint any problem or issue you’re experiencing and transform it into what you want instead.  


Vibrating Frequencies

Everything is energy, patterns of vibrating frequencies – every thought and feeling you have, every word you speak and every organ and tissue of your body.  It’s all energy and its vibrations determine how you feel and what you experience.  Our frequencies are either in sync with each other, known as Coherence, which creates health, vitality and a positive attitude to life; or they are out of sync with each other.  Out of sync frequencies, known as Non-Coherence, deplete our magnetic field and leads to stress responses, anger, fear, poor health, and a whole array of negative mental states and life problems. 

This process clears your out-of-sync patterns, replacing them with Coherent patterns in sync with optimum health, balance, and wellbeing.  

Resonance Repatterning

  • Full session – 60 to 90 minutes: $150
  • 3 Full Sessions: $400
  • Power Session – 45 minutes: $75
  • 3 Power Sessions: $175

See Additional Information for more details regarding this offering

Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning offers a simple yet profound system for transforming out-of-sync frequencies that are mirrored in every problem you have and every challenge you face. Resonance Repatterning is a process for positive change that facilitates the transformation of any life-depleting belief, difficulty, or limitation that you may be experiencing. Once your patterns are transformed you have the energy needed for creating the life you want, for living authentically and fulfilling your purpose.

Sessions often consist of a combination of VortexHealing and Resonance Repatterning. Sessions using a single modality are always available at your request.

Unconscious Patterns

When we repattern our old limiting beliefs, our unconscious patterns, and our negative feelings, greater health, happiness and harmony is created within us. When we change ourselves, we change the world around us for the better.

Concept of Coherence

The concept of Coherence, a fundamental pilar of the Resonance Repatterning process, is a major concept in new physics. Coherence occurs when an astronomical number of subatomic particles move into sync with each other in their pulsation – they become aligned and part of an orchestral whole. Coherence is more than just a few particles resonating with each other and pulsing together – our whole system becomes aligned and undergoes a quantum leap to a higher energy state.

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