Resonance Repatterning


What’s wonderful about Resonance Repatterning is that it offers us a simple yet profound system for transforming the out-of-sync frequencies that are mirrored in every problem we have and every challenge we face.

60 to 90 minute Full session: $150

3 Full Sessions: $400

45-minute Power Session: $75

3 Power Sessions: $175


Everything is energy or vibrating frequencies – every thought and feeling you have, every word you speak, and every organ and tissue of your body. It’s all energy. Our frequencies are either in sync with each other, which gives us health, vitality and a positive attitude to life, or they are out of sync with each other. Out of sync frequencies deplete our magnetic field and lead to stress responses, anger, fear, poor health, and a whole array of negative mental states and life problems.  Resonance Repatterning identifies where our frequencies are out of sync and how to bring them back into sync with each other, so we have the energy we need for creating the life we want, and for fulfilling our purpose and living authentically. When we repattern our old limiting beliefs, our unconscious patterns, and our negative feelings, we create greater health, happiness and harmony for ourselves. When we change ourselves, we change the world around us for the better.

Sessions often consist of a combination of VortexHealing and Resonance Repatterning.  Sessions using a single modality are always available at your request.

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Resonance Repatterning

1 Full Session – 60 to 90 minutes, 3 Full Sessions, 1 Power Session – 45-minute, 3 Power Sessions


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