Space Clearing


Dust on a Shelf

The residue of daily life, our stresses, actions, and emotional charges accumulate and build up like dust on a shelf. Create a home, office or workplace that feels vital, warm, successful and welcoming.

–Having, and maintaining, a positive flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home, office or business is VITAL to your health and wellbeing. Everything that has ever happened in any space creates frequency patterns that are recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and objects.  This energy becomes imprinted like a sticky, grimy residue.  Any negative energy that’s been left behind, by our own emotions and actions, or those who came before us, can have an invisible, negative impact on your own natural good vibes.  

This process includes:
  •     Identifying and clearing all negative energy and patterns
  •     Aligning you and your home, office, or workplace for the highest and healthiest possibilities
  •     Creating permanent energy structures to hold any qualities/energies you desire for the space
Results experienced after space clearing include:
  • “I experienced a new lightness of being”
  • “My career took off, it exploded. Increased customers, sales and productivity”
  • “Projects I’d been putting off for years became easy and fun to complete”
  • “Suddenly many potential buyers were attracted to a property that had no movement for 18 months”
Basic Space Clearing:

$185.00 for 90 minutes.  Any additional time beyond 90 minutes is at the clients discretion, at a cost of $30 per fifteen minutes, and is billed upon completion of the work.

See Additional Information for more details regarding this offering

Space Clearing Options

Full 90 Minutes, Additional 15 Minute Increments, 1 Hour Special

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