The Current


Calling In Balance ~ Session for Spring Equinox

Distance Healing: Monday March 20th, 2023

Vibrate with the energies of balance and renewal

The Current offering March 2023 – Calling In Balance

Let’s harness the power of the March Equinox and align in harmony with our higher selves, as we shift our focus to personal renewal, creating balance, and making a fresh start.

Are you hoping to burst forth into this glorious spring fully believing in your ability to manifest the changes your heart and soul are longing for?  Then seize this opportunity to meet the emerging Aries energies as your most coherent, balanced, and harmonized self.

Your participation will be via *Proxy.

*PROXY SESSION: A session done with your permission and at a distance. Your participation happens automatically once your permission is given. You receive all the benefits energetically at the time of the session and a report of what was identified, released and resolved within 24 hours.

Equinox Alignment

The Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings, a tipping point if you will. The energies of creation are dazzlingly high. This is a time to lift your vibrational field, to open your heart and mind, to recharge and renew from the inside out.

The Current

A Current is defined as "that which runs or flows, the flowing of electrical force through a conducting body.” The Current monthly offering is intended to address prevailing patterns, issues, and energy signatures that are showing up in the collective. Everything is energy, the currents of which can carry us forward when we meet them with understanding, purpose, alignment, and coherence. Some sessions will be live, via zoom, while others will be remote.

Energy Exchange

These monthly sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $35, $45, $55 or $65. I invite you to pay which ever amount fits most easily into your self-care spending plan. I’d like you to feel good about what you’re receiving and what you’re able to give to sustain me, so that I’m able to continue to offer my work out into the world.

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