New Year Jump Start


The Power of Intention

Use the power of intention to meet the promise of a fresh new year. Jump into the new, the desired, the hoped for, as joyfully as possible. The New Year Jump Start offers you a foundation, encouragement and some juicy energy healing to support you moving into alignment and manifestation with your goals, resolutions and intentions for the new year.

New Year Jump Start

Begins Monday January 15th, 2024:

The New Year Jump Start is a 22-day series designed to help you align with and manifest your dreams, goals, needs, and desires for the coming year. Every day for 22 days you receive energy healing support that magnetizes your system to attract and manifest your deepest desires.

The series includes:
  • 3 unique energy healing sessions* on Day 1, Day 10 & Day 22
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • Activities for creating whole body-mind coherence
  • Motivational messages and insights

I offer this series each year at a deeply discounted cost because I love new beginnings and this work so much. I want to share the joy of it with as many people as possible so this series is a remarkable and affordable $60.00.


A session done with your permission and at a distance. Your participation happens automatically once your permission is given. You receive all the benefits energetically at the time of the session and a report of what was identified, released and resolved within 24 hours.

Unique Energy Healing

The 3 unique energy healing sessions* on Day 1, Day 10 & Day 22 utilize and engage your energies as well as those of the group field to clear away fears, unearth and release old negative patterns and move each individual into alignment with their goals and desires for the coming year.

Daily Emails

The daily emails messages include empowering messages and activities designed to lay down the foundations needed to build the habits and momentum you need to fulfill your hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Vibrating Group Field

Being part of a vibrating group field intent on alignment and manifestation also helps each individual cultivate their own "Happiness Advantage". When we raise our positivity in the present moment, we experience what's known as the "Happiness Advantage" where our brains at "Positive" perform significantly better than they do at negative, neutral or stressed. At "Positive" our intelligence, creativity and energy levels rise. At "Positive" our brains are 31% more productive. Joining the New Year Jump Start can support you in building the most positive mindset possible and achieving our own happiness advantage.

Nicole B Testimonial

Every year, since 2016, I’ve been setting my yearly intentions as a part of Joie Jacobsen’s New Year Jump Start, and every year my intentions have come true. They've come true because of a magical mixture of Joie’s feedback, helping me choose the most empowering words to express my intentions, the energy shifts and transformations she creates during the series, and my own consistent attention to the process of manifestation as the year progresses.

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