Summer Solstice Re-Alignment

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Offering of Love

FREE Solstice Repatterning:

This session is a gift and an offering of love, in gratitude for all that I have received and am yet to receive. Let’s open to the fresh wave of energy entering our life. Join this distance healing session and allow the fire energy of the longest day of the year to rebalance, re-align, and reignite your life.

Free Distance Healing ~ Thursday June 20th 2024

The intention of this gifted session is to fully engage with the energies of the solstice and to entrain with the rhythm of our sky, planet and the seasons.  When we open to the opportunities and possibilities of the Solstice we embrace and honor this day of light and energetically set in motion a period of awakening in our consciousness which lasts until the next Equinox in the autumn.  When we actively intend to align these energies we remember we are a part of nature, connected to every living thing, we remember the truth of this unity and honor this divine bonding.

Let’s take this sacred time to turn inwards and nourish our minds, hearts, and spirits with sunshine, laughter, understanding, and love.

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