Once In A Life Time Magic

Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces

With the potential to bring blessings to every sign in the zodiac, this feels like an absolutely excellent opportunity to take a deep dive into these once in a life time energies. I plan to find out everything I can about the potential positive (and negative) aspects of this conjunction and use all the tools I have available to move us into resonance with its optimal frequencies.   My intention for this session is to help you heal and transform on the deepest level, to align with the good luck and expansion of Jupiter and embrace Neptune’s creativity, intuition and mystical magic.

I have created these monthly group sessions to address current patterns, issues, and energy signatures that are showing up in the collective. Some sessions will be live, via zoom, while others will be remote.


Tuesday April 12th, 2022

Distance Healing by proxy

I invite you to pay which ever amount fits most easily into your self-care spending plan. I’d like you to feel good about what you’re receiving and what you’re able to give to sustain me, so that I’m able to continue to offer my work out into the world.


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Sliding Scale

$35, $45, $55, $65