The Current


The Current, formerly THIS MONTH, is an offering intended to address current patterns, issues, and energy signatures that are showing up in the collective. Some sessions will be live, via zoom, while others will be remote.
Everything is energy, the currents of which can carry us forward when we meet them with understanding, purpose, alignment, and coherence.
Current ~ “that which runs or flows, the flowing of electrical force through a conducting body.”  (Etymonline)
Resonate with Gratitude

When we resonate with gratitude each and every cell in our body, every vibration in our entire energy field, pulses with the frequency of thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude.

My intention for this Gratitude Repatterning is to support our being in complete alignment with what we’re sincerely thankful for.  Being in complete alignment, or resonating with our gratitude creates a state of attraction that works like a magnet, gathering to us more and more to be thankful for.

Once you’ve chosen to join this proxy session I invite you to send me statements of three things you are grateful for.  Example: “I am grateful for my improving health.” “I am grateful for all that has dropped away from my life this year.  I feel lighter and brighter.”

You can send your statements of gratitude to: [email protected]



Gratitude Repatterning

Thursday November 24th, 2022

Distance Healing by proxy

I invite you to pay which ever amount fits most easily into your self-care spending plan. I’d like you to feel good about what you’re receiving and what you’re able to give to sustain me, so that I’m able to continue to offer my work out into the world.


Additional information

Sliding Scale

$35, $45, $55, $65