Lunar New Year


Friday February 12, 2021


The Year of the White Metal Ox is all about hard work, discipline, loyalty, and the appreciation of tangible reality. It’s also synonymous with prosperity and consolidation of gains – a definite indicator that hard work pays off. White Metal Ox energies promote stability and prosperity for short term projects, so it’s essential to plan and carefully construct each stage of any endeavor. Careful, diligent work will ultimately have a positive and lasting effect. In a White Metal Ox year, it’s important to focus on what is real and concrete and to avoid getting lost in dreams and fantasies. We need to guard against any excessive anger, which could cause significant damage in one’s life. Using Resonance Repatterning and Vortex Healing, Divine Energy Healing, we’ll shift our individual frequency patterns to coherently align with the best possible aspects of the coming year, we’ll balance our meridians, and our five elements to bring you into alignment with the excellent qualities of the White Metal Ox.

Your participation will be via Proxy

PROXY SESSION: A session done with your permission and at a distance. Once you give your permission, your participation happens automatically.  You receive all the benefits energetically at the time of the session, and, within 24 hours, you will receive a report of what was identified and released.



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